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jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

Traveling in the USA

City slicker (colloquial phrase): A person who strongly prefers cities.
Pricey (adjective): Expensive, high-priced
Tree hugger (colloquial phrase): A person who really loves nature.
Cup of tea (colloquial phrase): To be to someone's liking, or preference
Snorkel (verb): To swim on the water's surface with an eye mask and air tube.
Sheer (adjective): Vertical, steep; also, transparent
Tip of the iceberg (colloquial phrase): A small part of something that is much larger.
Road trip (noun): A trip taken in a car, usually covering long distances.

Traveling in the USA

The US has an endless amount of unique places to visit. It may be tempting to want to see everything in one trip, but this would be impossible! According to your travel style, select those attractions that interest you most, and immerse yourself there.

City Slickers:

If you love the energy and variety of big cities, the US has many to offer. Of course, New York is the one most idolized in films and series, and for good reason. It is an amazing place! Fortunately for visitors, you do not need a car to see New York because it has an excellent subway system. Some tourist attractions are pricey, like visiting the Statue of Liberty or going to the top of the Empire State Building. However, others are free, like seeing the bright lights of Times Square or enjoying the beauty of Central Park. You can also find last-minute discount tickets for shows on or off Broadway, which would be a good opportunity to practice your listening skills!

With all of its monuments and museums, Washington D.C is the perfect big city for the history lover. Though the US is a baby of a country compared to many countries in Europe, there is still much to see in our capital city. There are impressive monuments to important historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc. and also remembering the veterans and victims of wars such as the Korean War, Vietnam War, Second World War, etc. The Smithsonian Museums hold many interesting collections of art, artifacts, and even live animals!

Tree Huggers:

If outdoor adventures are more your cup of tea, there are many beautiful national and state parks to explore. Dive in and observe the aquatic world by snorkeling in the an underwater state park near Key West, FL or in the sea turtle-populated Hawaiian Islands. I recommend the island of Kuai, as it is the least developed island. Hike among the tallest trees in the world in the forests of Yosemite, where you may have the opportunity to see bears and rock-climbers ascending sheer rock cliffs. The variety of beaches in California, from the warm, sandy beaches in southern California to the dramatic mountainous coast in northern California makes it an ideal state to take a road trip in.

Entertainment Junkies:

One of the US' unique offerings is the Disney parks in Orlando, Florida. Disney World covers an incredible area and includes four theme parks, 2 water parks, 2 specialized shopping/eating complexes, a sports zone, and 27 different Disney hotels to choose from! Those travelers who like to see and do a lot, and who do not mind crowds, will enjoy the Disney parks. The best times to visit are off-season, as it becomes extremely hot and humid in the summer, and it is when the most people visit. If you love Disney movies and enjoy theme parks, then this is a great destination for you. There are also other interesting theme parks in Orlando. Two of my favorites are Discovery Cove, where you can swim with dolphins, and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, where the newly-opened Harry Potter park is located.

A visit to the US has inexhaustible possibilities. The suggestions above are only the tip of the iceberg! San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and many more cities are worth a visit, as well as many other natural areas scattered across the United States. Surely, if you visit, you will create your own dream vacation. I hope you come and visit soon!

Written by Jenna Hartsell

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